Welcome to Pelican Trashs,

your go-to junk solution for efficient and reliable junk removal in Melbourne, FL. We specialize in giving you a cleaner, clutter-free environment, letting you enjoy more space in your home or workplace. We provide an extensive range of clean-up services, making it easier for you to manage and dispose of your waste. Our team of professionals are equipped to handle everything from old furniture and electronics to construction debris, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your junk removal needs.

Our Services Include

- Trash pile removal and clean-up 

- Furniture removal and clean-up - Vehicle removal 

- Construction/demolition debris 

- Concrete removal and clean-up Not only do we provide tools and the dumpsters, but we also do all the loading and clean-up so you can sit back and relax.

There really isn’t a limit to what junk that we can remove. Whatever it is, we can break it down, put in a dumpster (here) and we' ll haul it Right Away

More Than Just Trash Disposal

We believe in offering services that go beyond the ordinary. We’re not just about picking up your trash and taking it away. We provide complete waste disposal management solutions. Whether it's yard waste, old appliances, or even waste from a renovation project, we're equipped to handle it all.

Expertise in Waste Removal Projects

We're proud of the expertise we've built over years by servicing customers in Melbourne, FL. We understand the challenges of different types of waste removal projects and are prepared to deal with them efficiently. From residential junk removal to commercial cleanouts and construction site cleanup, we're your reliable partner for all kinds of waste removal projects.

Your Trusted Partner for Junk Removal

In Melbourne, we've become a trusted name in the junk removal business, earning the respect and trust of homeowners and businesses alike. Our customers choose us because we provide a service that's professional, reliable, and committed to their satisfaction.

Providing Necessary Equipment and Dumpsters

Our service includes providing the right size dumpsters for your cleanup needs. Our variety of dumpster sizes ensures we can handle projects large and small, from cleaning out your garage to managing waste from a large construction site.

Pelican Trashs proudly offers a wide array of junk removal services in Melbourne, FL. We’re the team to call when you want to clear out your space, whether it's your garage, basement, office, or construction site. Our services are designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind


Our capabilities are broad and comprehensive. We have the manpower, the equipment, and the fleet to handle jobs of all sizes and complexities.

From small projects to managing full-scale commercial cleanouts, we’re prepared to take on any task. We understand that every job is unique, so we customize our services to meet your specific needs.